Helping younger generations to enjoy, study, and understand music is a vital part of preserving cultural history and ensuring that it will continue to be enjoyed in the future. For a performer, teaching is also an important way to reconnect with one's own understanding of the process of music making.

Through music, we learn the many of the same skills necessary to be successful in almost every aspect of our lives: discipline, perseverence, creativity, and problem solving skills. Well-rounded musicians are developed through training that focuses on expressivity and the fundamental skills necessary to achieve expressive goals.

Having taught for fifteen years, I have developed the tools and techniques to tailor instruction to each student's specific need. My students are equally confident in orchestra, solo, and chamber music settings because learning is approached with a positive attitude. I foster a mindset of self-analysis and improvement, rather than rote instruction.

I currently teach online and in the El Paso area. If you are interested in beginning or continuing your studies, please contact me for more information.

I am also available for masterclasses, chamber music coachings, orchestra sectionals, and lectures whenever possible.